Knowledge Graph

Use the world's largest, most accurate database of people and companies
to find new customers & enhance understanding about existing clients.


over 10 billion entities (people, companies, products, articles, and discussions), discover the relationships between them, and analyze 1 trillion+ facts.



provides mission critical org data from Fortune 1000 companies to the bakery down the street. Enrich leads, validate data, and get real-time org updates at web scale.

Find New Customers With

Knowledge Graph Search

Query with a Powerful, Precise Language

Find exactly what you need. No more drowning in irrelevant data. Whether it's 5,000 job candidates with unique skills, or 50 vendors of a niche component for manufacturing, find just the data you need with Diffbot Query Language (DQL).

Access the World’s Knowledge

Diffbot's Knowledge Graph contains highly accurate data about people, places, organizations, articles, products, and discussions on the web. No matter how unique your data needs are - if the answer is on the web, it’s in the Knowledge Graph.

Understand the Relationship Between Entities

Your business needs are constantly changing and evolving. For impact-driven insights and agility, connected data matters. Get a 360 degree view of entities from the web and how each is linked with other entities.

Reduce Your Time to Insight

Our truly autonomous technology means that you can instantly add new sources, across the web, on any site and in any language. No more lengthy turnaround times waiting for a developer to build a solution or humans to do the manual research.

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Improve Understanding About Key Organizations With

Knowledge Graph Enhance

Built Off Of Knowledge Graph Search With

  • Aggregation and normalization of web-scale org data
  • The facilitation of live updates on organizational entities at any scale
  • The inclusion of data validation and verification routines
  • The ability to update and add-to individual org entry fields
  • Verification that inputted org data is correctly formatted and of the right type
  • Coverage of Fortune 1000 through long-tail organizational data

Leverage web-wide coverage of up-to-date business profiles, from Fortune 1000 through the bakery down the street to learn more about your current or future client base.

Featured KG Enhance Use Cases

Content Marketing API

Build robust profiles from minimal data

Content Marketing API

Enrich organizational data to inform opportunities

Content Marketing API

Assess supply chain risk through robust location data

Content Marketing API

Extend and validate internal datasets to build business intelligence

Did We Mention?

  • Cloud based: Access super-high availability data that’s cutting edge and available from anywhere.
  • Subscription based: Augment your existing Knowledge Graph subscription with the Enhance API. Scale your data enrichment needs up or down as you need.
  • Robust Documentation: So you can truly wrangle the data you need, whether you’re using our visual interface or pulling to your own dashboard via our API.
  • Cost Effective: There’s only one “world’s largest database of semantic knowledge.” It just so happens it’s really affordable for what you get.
  • Integration ready: Enhance your data where it lives with Office365 (and other forthcoming) integrations. Use our developer dashboard or pull to your own with the Enhance API.

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