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Searching results for real estate companies in Iceland on a typical search engine

Traditional web search isn't built for business

It's 2022, and a simple web search for real estate companies in Iceland results in paid ads and irrelevant how-to articles (seriously, give it a try).

The problem is that the search engine you know and love is built for finding websites, not organizations, people, or news.

Researching companies? Prospecting leads? Monitoring press mentions? That's a job for the Knowledge Graph.

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Global Mid-Market Software Companies

~46,600 software companies between 100 to 1000 employees

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Top Employers of Roles in Data Related Fields

50 of the largest global employers of jobs like Data Scientist or Business Intelligence

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Top Investors of Video Gaming Companies

50 (out of ~96,400) of the largest global investors of video game companies.

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PhD Graduates Specializing in Negotiation Strategy

980 individuals across the world with PhDs and specializing in negotiation strategy

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All Whole Foods Retail Store Locations

All ~500 Whole Foods retail store locations, including in-store coffee shops and restaurants.

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Founders Previously VPs/Directors at FAANG Companies

~918 founders previously in leadership positions at Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or Google.

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Account-Based Marketing doesn't work without fresh firmographic data. Enrich your lists with 50+ available fields from the Knowledge Graph.

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Our AI reads the web nonstop so you don't have to. Facts and relationships between entities are pulled out or inferred. Every entry in the KG provides detailed data provenance.

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Utilize Diffbot Query Language (DQL) to find, filter, sort, and facet around billions of interlinked entities. Use the visual query builder or level up with pure DQL.

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Easily enrich or create datasets wherever your work lives including Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and Power BI.