No more wasted time
tracking down data

Search or extract anything on the web. Diffbot uses machine learning to transform the internet into accessible, structured data.

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Diffbot structures and crawls
98% of the public web


Gain unmatched coverage of long-tail and head entity firmographic data (200M+ orgs and counting)


Discover relationships between different entity types including organizations, people, articles, and products


Pull Knowledge Graph results directly into the tools you use every day for data enrichment or exploration


Gain access to the only tech that allows you to monitor everywhere your products are sold online


Mine user reviews, sale prices, and availability at the scale of the web


Save time with catalog building with normalized product data extraction


Web crawl training data orders of magnitude larger than competitors (commercial search engine sized)


98% of the web parsed into structured article, product, video, and discussion entities


Global coverage with automatic extraction APIs that just work on all major (and many minor) language sites


Analyze an article index 50x the size of Google News, crawled in live time from up to 98% of the web


Precise matching of entities allow you to query for your brand or topic with less false positives


Sentiment tracking and real time results keep you on the pulse of the coverage you care about

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Search the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to find structured data on companies, articles, products, and people across the entire web.
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Automatically extract structured data from any article, product, discussion, image or video from any webpage without code.
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Extract structured data from entire websites once, or on a schedule. No code or rules required.
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Enrich and correct your existing organization or people data using the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.
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Developer's Best Friend

Diffbot provides a robust, easy-to-use REST API. Extensive documentation is available, and there's 30+ official Diffbot client libraries to make integration quick and painless regardless of platform or language.

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Google Sheets
Enhance the data in your Google sheet by taping in the world's largest database of public knowledge. Learn More
Enhance your Excel experience with AI-enabled fact extraction for billions of entities across the web. Learn More
Enhance your Salesforce experience with AI-enabled fact extraction for billions of entities across the web. Learn More
The world’s best dashboard building platform meets Knowledge Graph with Diffbot’s Tableau integration. Learn More

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