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Search & Extract Data
on the Web 10x Faster

Extract Data on the Web 10x Faster

Scrape pages without rules, query the web like a database,
and understand raw text with Diffbot technology.

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Diffbot reduced the amount of maintenance we have to do on our scraped websites.
KG provides a user friendly way of feeling like you've scraped the whole web.

The Web is Noisy,
Diffbot Straightens it Out

The world's largest compendium of human knowledge is buried in the code of 1.2 billion public websites. Diffbot reads it all like a human, then transforms it into usable data.

Step One

Scrape a web page,
but without any rules

How? Elementary, my dear Watson. Trained with millions of websites, our machine learning bot can classify, read, and understand any page.


Scrape articles, products, discussions, and more without any rules.

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Natural Language

Infer entities, relationships, and sentiment from raw text.

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Step Two

Crawl an entire website,
keep just the good stuff

When a single web page just won't do, Diffbot also spiders through links on a page to extract products, articles, and more off an entire website.


Turn any site into a structured database of all their products, articles, and discussions in minutes.

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Step Three

Structure 98% of the public web into the Knowledge Graph™

Every organization, person, article, product, (and more) on the public web crawled and extracted as interlinked structured entities in a colossal graph database.

We can't upload knowledge into your brain (yet), but we can tell you everything the web knows about an organization or person, find every positive sentiment article published in 2005 about Hurricane Katrina, and way, way more.

All a single query away, downloadable as JSON or CSV.

Knowledge Graph: Search

Build accurate datasets of news, organizations, and people.

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Knowledge Graph: Enhance

Enrich your existing dataset of people and accounts.

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Built By Developers,
For Developers

Every Diffbot product is built API-first and RESTful, making integration easy and painless regardless of platform or language.

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