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Focus on what matters.
Not getting data.

Search over 10 billion entities (people, companies, products, articles, and discussions), discover the relationships between them, and analyze the 1+ trillion facts.

Accurate, Detailed Information

Multiple sources of data form a complete, accurate picture of every entity.


The only web-scale database of facts available - every person, place, company, product, article and more.


Unearth new insights with a 360 view of how each entity is connected within the Knowledge Graph.

Any question, Any time

Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph is so extensive and broad that it can answer most questions in your day to day work.

Recruiting teams use Knowledge Graph to source candidates.

All people skilled in machine learning

People with a Github account, that are on AngelList and attended UC Berkeley

Software companies located near New York that employ the most Backend developers

People with the title Account Executive who have ever worked for Salesforce

UX Designers who previously worked at Apple

Stanford graduates who studied Computer Science and are skilled in Database performance

Sales and Marketing teams use Knowledge Graph to get better leads.

CTOs at machine learning startups with more than $10 million in funding and more than 25 employees

Firms funded by Sequoia in the last 2 years with fewer than 50 employees

Lawyers at firms with fewer than 30 practicing partners

CIOs who work at Oil Drilling companies with more than 125 employees

People who live in the Bay Area and work for a ride share company

Sales teams use Knowledge Graph to get more leads

CTOs at machine learning startups with more than $10 million in funding and more than 25 employees

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BI teams use Knowledge Graph to understand events on a macro-scale

What's the gender breakdown of employees at Facebook?

Which companies do Stanford graduates work for the most?

Which cities are people moving to from Silicon Valley?

Which markets is Uber hiring new drivers?

What's the educational background of Amazon Warehouse workers?

Which cities are seeing the greatest growth in jobs?

Query with a Powerful, Precise Language

Find exactly what you need. No more drowning in irrelevant data. Whether it's 5,000 job candidates with unique skills, or 50 vendors of a niche component for manufacturing, find just the data you need with Diffbot Query Language (DQL).

Access the World’s Knowledge

Diffbot's Knowledge Graph contains highly accurate data about people, places, organizations, articles, products, and discussions on the web. No matter how unique your data needs are - if the answer is on the web, it’s in the Knowledge Graph.

Understand the Relationship Between Entities

Your business needs are constantly changing and evolving. For impact-driven insights and agility, connected data matters. Get a 360 degree view of entities from the web and how each is linked with other entities.

Reduce Your Time to Insight

Our truly autonomous technology means that you can instantly add new sources, across the web, on any site and in any language. No more lengthy turnaround times waiting for a developer to build a solution or humans to do the manual research.

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