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News Monitoring

Stay on top of news events, brand mentions, and track user sentiment, wherever they may appear on the web with an index 50X larger than Google News.

Add Any Source

Diffbot has the only AI technology that allows you to add any source by just specifying its URL, and have it appear as a structured feed immediately, without engineering turnaround.

Precise Entity-Aware Matching

Latest news about Apple, the tech company? Knowledge-aware natural language understanding of 20 languges means that you never get news results about the fruit mixed into your tech news.

Track The Sentiment

State-of-the-art sentiment analysis allows you to quickly quantify trends, and see what's being said about a company, brand, or industry, and its share of voice.

Real-Time Alerts

Customizable email alerts: get notified daily, weekly, or instantly. Or use the Webhook API to integrate alerts into your news application.
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