Diffbot’s market intelligence offerings center around robust firmographic, skills-centered, news monitoring, and product-centered data that are standardized, available in any language, and from any site of your choosing.

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Plotting your course...

With data aggregation on firms, people, skills, products, and news mentions.

Checking it twice...

Through best-in-class data standardization, contextualization, and enrichment tools.

Or heading into uncharted water...

Through exploratory crawls that pull the unstructured intel you care about into a structured format.

Who is Diffbot Market Intelligence For?

(Diffbot Market Intelligence Use Cases By Role)

Business analysts utilize Diffbot’s market intelligence through the visual query editor of the Knowledge Graph as well as automatic and custom APIs. Diffbot provides multiple entry points to:

  • aggregate,
  • standardize,
  • and enrich

firmographic, industry-specific, skills-centered, news, or product data from across the web.

Data gathered through Diffbot is standardized and contextual, meaning you can explore relationships between organizations, products, brands, articles, and skill distributions to gain a full picture of what’s happening in your market.

Specific Use Cases For Business Analysts Include

Brand Monitoring API

Data Aggregation

Gather firmographic, product-related, brand-related, and skill distribution-related data from worldwide sources in the markets you care about.

Content Marketing API

Data Standardization

Diffbot turns the unstructured web into queryable entities. Whether you’re looking for news mentions, products, organizational data, or data on people, all Diffbot data is formatted similarly and contextual.

Price Tracking API

Competitor Analysis

Diffbot provides great flexibility in how you may obtain competitive intelligence. Gather news mentions, product reviews, firmographic data, and sentiment signalling.

Price Tracking API

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Track your own brands with periodic reviews or regularly scheduled crawls. Built-in sentiment signalling for English language article, discussion, and product review crawls.

Many of the best data scientists use Diffbot’s suite of market intelligence tools as their “secret sauce” when it comes to

  • market data aggregation,
  • market data standardization,
  • and keeping market data timely

Through cross-lingual data extraction, context-aware fact extraction, and the range of page types that can be handled through Diffbot’s APIs, Diffbot can be the fuel that powers market intelligence within data science teams.

Specific Use Cases For Data Scientists Include

Content Marketing API

Data Sourcing

Diffbot’s suite of tools extraction tools cover all major market intelligence needs including firmographic, skills, people, product, review, and article data.

Price Tracking API

Data Standardization and Enrichment

Compare “apples to apples” with Diffbot’s standardized extraction output. Mine existing data sets crawled with Diffbot tools through the Enrich API.

Price Tracking API

Competitor Analysis

Keeps tabs on products, brands, organizations, hiring trends, and web mentions worldwide with true cross language results.

Price Tracking API

Data Refreshing

Explore pre-crawled data updated several times a day from tens of thousands of sources. Or crawl custom domains and blog rolls on demand.

Product Managers can utilize Diffbot’s suite of market intelligence tools at every stage of their market intelligence journey including

  • sourcing,
  • enrichment,
  • and monitoring

Of a range of market indicators on competitors, brands, products, and hiring.

Specific Market Intelligence Use Cases For Product Managers Include

Brand Monitoring API

Identification of Customer Needs

Through sentiment signals, review and discussion data, and regional-specific industry news articles.

Content Marketing API

Evaluation of New Markets

Through firmographic competitor data, skills and hiring data, price point and inventory analysis, and news monitoring.

Price Tracking API

Messaging and Marketing Measurement

Through article and discussion data. Diffbot article, product, and discussion APIs default to including sentiment signalling data when crawling in English.

Price Tracking API

Competitive Analysis

Firmographic data, people data, and mentions data are all contextual in the knowledge graph. Enrich current data about particular entities with the Enrich API.

Decision Makers can rest assured that Diffbot provides data that is

  • timely,
  • comprehensive,
  • and contextual

And that works for a variety of teams within market intelligence.

Specific Market Intelligence Use Cases For Decision Makers Include

Brand Monitoring API

Discovery of Opportunities

Through truly global firmographic, people-centered, product-centered, and news mention-related data streams.

Content Marketing API

Initiative Validation

Through custom crawling of your web roll out, sentiment analysis within discussions or support threads, and validation of the actions of your competitors.

Price Tracking API

Competitor Monitoring

Through firmographic, hiring, skill development, pricing analysis, and news coverage of competitors.

Price Tracking API

Consumer Insights

Built-in sentiment signals for English article, product, and discussion crawls. Scheduled crawling of custom blog rolls, support forums, pricing data and product reviews.

Get Started Now. And try Diffbot for all of the following market intelligence use cases!

  • Competitor analysis through pricing data, review data, news mentions, sentiment signals, and skills and hiring data.
  • Replace large teams needed to maintain custom scraping rules.
  • Extract market data to support sales, HR, marketing, product, and insight teams.
  • New market evaluation through product availability, news mention data, and article sentiment analysis signals.
  • "Live" brand or product mention monitoring in media (with automatic sentiment analysis).
  • Solidification of pricing through long-tail product pricing crawls.
  • Measurement of marketing or awareness campaign success through news and review mention extraction.
  • The ability to perform any of the above across an entire domain and on a regularly scheduled basis.

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From the Product API

(via the Analyze API, Product API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Price
  • Sale Price
  • Price Range
  • Availability
  • Currency
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Specs
  • Category
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Discussion and Reviews
  • And More

From the Discussion API

(via the Analyze API, Discussion API, Product API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Discussion and Reviews
  • Number of posts
  • Number of unique participants
  • Titles of Posts
  • Numerical Ratings
  • Language
  • Images
  • Sentiment Analysis Score
  • Dates
  • Tags
  • And More

From the Article API

(via the Analyze API, Article API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Title
  • Text
  • Date
  • Author
  • Mentions
  • Tags
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • And More

Need it all?

The Analyze API applies all Diffbot APIs that are applicable to a target URL or Domain.

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