Diffbot’s web extraction entities are standardized, contextually linked, and pulled from sites of any language. Let Diffbot’s automatic and custom scrapers power your data-hungry endeavor with structured data from over 90% of the entire web.

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Plotting your course...

Through normalized text analysis data available from over 90% of the web.

Checking it twice...

With the largest contextually-linked database of facts for entity linking augmentation. tools

Or heading into uncharted water...

With the largest source of machine learning training data available, the internet itself.

Who is Diffbot Machine Learning Data For?

(Diffbot Machine Learning Use Cases By Role)

Data Scientists within machine learning companies utilize Diffbot’s multiple web extraction APIs to

  • source,
  • normalize,
  • and enrich

Data on products, people, skills, articles, images, organizations, discussions and more.

Specific Use Cases For Data Scientists Include

Brand Monitoring API

Data Aggregation

Through the ever-fresh contextually-linked Knowledge graph or the schedulable crawl bot. All Diffbot crawls are cross-lingual and allow Javascript injection for custom page loading instructions.

Content Marketing API

Data Normalization

All Diffbot entities contain a standard selection of fields and link to other applicable entities. Most readily seen in the Knowledge Graph, Diffbot doesn’t extract data in isolation.

Price Tracking API

Data Enrichment

Mine more deeply into a subset of entities extracted by Diffbot. Can be utilized on entries within the Knowledge Graph or bulk extract results.

Price Tracking API

Bolstering of Data Products

Through entity linking and augmentation of data from Diffbot’s wide-ranging suite of extraction tools. Great for analytics, otherwise unavailable data, and standardization.

Data Engineers within machine learning settings utilize Diffbot’s suite of tools to enhance

  • data product offerings,
  • machine learning applications,
  • And bolster data pipelines,

With the largest value adds of Diffbot’s tools coming in the form of the ability to parse whatever public or private facing pages you may have to pull standardized data, and built-in entity linking.

Specific Use Cases For Data Engineers Include

Content Marketing API

Data Aggregation

No data scale is bigger than the entire web. And Diffbot provides standardized-output extraction APIs that work for a vast majority of the web.

Price Tracking API

Data Integration

The inclusion of Diffbot’s wide range of data extraction and Knowledge Graph entities can power entire ecosystems of data-heavy tools.

Price Tracking API

Training Data

Diffbot is used in a wide variety of natural language processing, machine vision, and general machine learning contexts. Use our data to fuel your data product’s development.

Price Tracking API

Building Blocks

For your own internal knowledge graphs. Whether you want a subset of the trillion facts Diffbot has, or the whole thing.

Machine Learning Engineers with machine learning products and research projects utilize Diffbot’s suite of data extraction tools for

  • training data,
  • text analysis,
  • and entity linking

For a variety of entity types including organizations, people, skills, articles, products, images, discussions, and more.

Specific Machine Learning Use Cases For Machine Learning Engineers Include

Brand Monitoring API

Data Pipelines "From the Wild"

If you’re relying on your data being truly “from the wild,” Diffbot has you covered with crawling to extract a variety of media types across the web.

Content Marketing API

NLP Data

Diffbot’s APIs can provide article or discussion text data from anywhere on the public or private-facing web.

Price Tracking API

Fact Validation

Diffbot partners use Diffbot’s article and analyze APIs to hone fake news-detecting products. Others want means to validate their own knowledge graphs.

Price Tracking API

Entity Linking

Can be one of the most onerous aspects of KG construction. Let Diffbot do the heavy lifting with our collection of over 1 trillion facts.

Decision makers within machine learning fields rely on Diffbot’s suite of web extraction tools to

  • lower data acquisition costs,
  • widen data coverage,
  • and future proof data pipelines

For firmographic, skill, people, article, discussion data, and more. If you’re looking for one data extraction provider to support your entire organization, look no further than Diffbot.

Specific Machine Learning Data Use Cases For Decision Makers Include

Brand Monitoring API

Data For All Your Teams

Support sales, human resources, marketing, product, machine learning, and more with Diffbot’s well-established use cases across roles.

Content Marketing API

Longstanding Data Extraction Provider

Diffbot is the “secret sauce” of many tech organizations in need of data. They wouldn’t trust us if we weren’t sticking around.

Price Tracking API

Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Diffbot’s extraction APIs can parse well over 90% of the web into over 20 well-defined page types. Need something else? Use Diffbot’s custom crawler.

Price Tracking API

Build Knowledge Not Data

With Diffbot’s many well-established use cases supporting NLP, ML, and AI products. Our data is “from the wild” but standardized for easy integration.

Get Started Now. And try Diffbot for all of the following machine learning data use cases!

  • Create or expand your own knowledge graph.
  • Provide authentic and standardized NLP and ML training data.
  • Verify your current data product entities with web-wide crawls.
  • Create your own fake news detection engine.
  • Augment your existing entity linking efforts.
  • P any of the above across an entire domain and on a regularly scheduled basis.

No credit card required. Plans start from $299 / mo.

From the Product API

(via the Analyze API, Product API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Price
  • Sale Price
  • Price Range
  • Availability
  • Currency
  • Brand
  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Specs
  • Category
  • Colors
  • Sizes
  • Discussion and Reviews
  • And More

From the Discussion API

(via the Analyze API, Discussion API, Product API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Discussion and Reviews
  • Number of posts
  • Number of unique participants
  • Titles of Posts
  • Numerical Ratings
  • Language
  • Images
  • Sentiment Analysis Score
  • Dates
  • Tags
  • And More

From the Article API

(via the Analyze API, Article API, or a Knowledge Graph Query)
  • Title
  • Text
  • Date
  • Author
  • Mentions
  • Tags
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • And More

Need it all?

The Analyze API applies all Diffbot APIs that are applicable to a target URL or Domain.

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