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Tue Apr 20 2021, Diffblog | Structured Data Blog

4 Ways Technical Leaders Are Structuring Text To Drive Data Transformations [Whitepaper]

Natural and unstructured language is how humans largely communicate. For this reason, it’s often the format of organizations’ most detailed and meaningful feedback and market intelligence. Historicall...


Thu Apr 08 2021, Diffblog | Structured Data Blog

Diffbot-Powered Academic Research in 2020

At Diffbot, our goal is to build the most accurate, comprehensive, and fresh Knowledge Graph of the public web, and Diffbot researchers advance the state-of-the-art in information extraction and natur...

Diffbot knowledge graph natural language processing academy API research

Thu Jan 21 2021, Diffblog | Structured Data Blog

What We Found Analyzing 300 Yelp Reviews of a Michelin Reviewed Restaurant with Natural Language Processing

Reviews are a veritable gold mine of data. They’re one of the few times when unsolicited customers lay out the best and the worst parts of using a product or service. And the relative richness of natu...

Diffbot Hyde Park Michelin Guide restaurant Michelin natural language processing Yelp linguistics