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Harness the world’s largest Knowledge Graph
within your Tableau dashboards

The world’s best dashboard building platform meets the world’s best web-scale Knowledge Graph with Diffbot’s Tableau integration.

Visualize Live Data From Across the Web

Your data visualization stack is second-to-none. Shouldn’t your data extraction and consolidation tech be top notch too? Quickly pull in standardized data on 10 or a 1000 organizations or key people. When our entities are updated, your dashboard updates too.

Discover Relationships And Track Different Entity Types

All Diffbot data is contextual. Validate hunches or dive more deeply into org and people data within your Tableau dashboards via each entity’s unique Diffbot URI. Jump into the Knowledge Graph dashboard to track news mentions, products, pricing, key people, and org data.

Data Enrichment

Your dashboards are only as good as the data that populares it. Our AI-enabled web scale Knowledge Graph updates of billions of entities ensures your Tableau data is standardized and fleshed out with authoritative sources from across the web.

Organizational Discovery

Exploratory data done easily. Want to see how many 1-year old startups in California hired data science talent? Done. Want logos and market caps of the 1000 largest companies in America? Done. All languages and locations in one database.

Built on the Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph and Enhance Products

Knowledge Graph

Up-to-date contextual information on millions of entities across the web. The Knowledge Graph takes unstructured data from across the web and pulls out prescient facts.


Enhance pores over the KG with a different matching algorithm. Already know the name, url, or location of an organization? Use our Google Sheets Add-In to enhance your data with over 20 unique data fields.

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