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Convert text into structured facts about entities and their relationships.

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Breakthrough Performance

Finally, a natural language API that goes beyond just identifying key words, connecting you to structured information about the entities and their relationships for natural language processing your application can use.
Entity Recognition Entity Linking Relation Extraction Entity Sentiment Commercial API?
IBM Watson91.30%87.40%16%46%Y
U of Washington92.22%86.80%75%N/AN
State-of-the-art accuracy
Real-time latency
Supports any language
Enriched with the world's largest Knowledge Graph

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What can you do with it?

Monitor the News

Natural language understanding can help your organization stay on top of the developments in your industry, identify trends, monitor the sentiment around your brand, as well as competitors. Natural language processing reads the news, so you don't have to.

Make Better Investment Decisions

A global Fortune 500 financial services firm uses Diffbot's Natural Language API to identify and track the sentiment toward companies related to an investment theme. Using the entity-directed sentiment, their analysts can determine how to best allocate the fund and identify risks to the investment area from government economic policy and regulation.

Bring Text Documents to Life

Academic publisher JSTOR worked with HBO to create an interactive site for video transcripts of the Martin Luther King Jr documentary King In The Wilderness. By processing these rare primary interviews with the natural language API, they were able to connect the spoken word to structured knowledge in context, creating a rich new experience.

Recommend Content

Dianomi is the largest native ad network in finance with over 350 publishers. They use Diffbot to monitor topics being discussed in the pages of their network to find the best pages for each ad. Dianomi uses Diffbot’s sentiment analysis to make sure their ad placements are brand safe.

Build Your own Knowledge Graph

Graphs provide a compelling way to explore the complex relationships in large datasets. We analyzed the Game of Thrones anthology using our Natural language API to build the largest geneology of the Game of Thrones world built to date.

Add Your Own Entities And Relationships

Tracking a specialized set of entities and relationships? We can train our NL API around entities and relationships you care about. Our customization options can take you from lacking out-of-the-box textual analysis to 100% coverage. Customization occurs quickly within the course of general introductory discussions.

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"In our tests, the Diffbot Natural Language API outperformed IBM Watson and DBpedia Spotlight by over 30%."

—Ron Snyder, Director of R&D, JSTOR Labs
"If you could measure my sentiment, it would be 0.99999, I am so delighted with this."

—Stefano Costella, Data and Finance Manager at Dianomi
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