Google Sheets Add-On

Find and build accurate datasets of news, organizations, and people with the Knowledge Graph — all without leaving Google Sheets.

Install the Add-On
Trial or active token required
Enriching fields on an Excel spreadsheet

Data Enrichment

Take a list of organizations or people and query Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph for additional details. Our AI-enabled entity merging ensures your Excel sheet becomes populated with authoritative data sourced from across the web.

Searching for organizations using DQL and an Excel spreadsheet. Select individual fields from the KG to insert into your spreadsheet.

Organizational Discovery

Exploratory data done easily. Want to see how many 1-year old startups in California hired data science talent? Done. Want logos and quarterly revenue of the 1000 largest companies in America? Done. All languages and locations in one database.

Visualize DQL queries with access to Excel charts.

Quickly Visualize Results

Mix the best of a familiar tool like Excel with the world’s largest Knowledge Graph. Quickly pull in standardized data on 10 or a 1000 organizations to visualize trends or make quick reports. When the entities in our database update, your spreadsheet updates.

See It in Action

Enhance existing lists or make fresh queries for new data using simple cell formulas in Google Sheets.