Top Automative Employers of Software Roles in 2021

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50 of the largest automotive employers of software roles in 2021, or any year you'd like.

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value count callbackQuery
general motors company 1814 type:Person employments.{is...
ford motor company 1087 type:Person employments.{is...
tesla 483 type:Person employments.{is...
zf friedrichshafen ag 430 type:Person employments.{is...
volvo cars 236 type:Person employments.{is...
cox automotive 237 type:Person employments.{is...

Records sampled from original dataset

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type:Person employments.{or(to<"12-31-2021", from<"12-31-2021") or(or(to>"1-1-2021", isCurrent:true), from>"1-1-2021") title:"Software""Car"} facet:employments.{ or(to<"12-31-2021", from<"12-31-2021") or(or(to>"1-1-2021", isCurrent:true), from>"1-1-2021")}

Field Notes

There are a few simple tricks to modify this query to your needs —

  • Replace all instances of "2021" with any year
  • Replace "Software" with any role title
  • Replace "Car" with any standard industry designation (see full list)

How that Date Range Works

Here's an illustration of how it comes together:

A venn diagram of how the date ranges overlap to form the total headcount of a company in 2021

Essentially what we're hoping to achieve with this is a date range that covers:

  1. Everyone who started in 2021 and left in 2021
  2. Everyone who started prior to 2021 and left some time in 2021
  3. Everyone who started prior to 2021 and is still there
  4. Everyone who started some time in 2021 and left after 2021
  5. Everyone who started some time in 2021 and is still there

What's a query?

Queries (or DQL) are representations of a search and filter sequence through the Diffbot Knowledge Graph to obtain a dataset. They generally start with an entity type declaration (i.e. Organization) and is narrowed further by adding more field specifications.

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