Series E Companies by Founding Date

Organizations Investment

~1,062 global companies that have raised up to a Series E round, sorted by founding date. Refreshed weekly.

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name allNames homepageUri ceo_name founders_name industries summary boardMembers_name nbEmployeesMax location_city_name location_country_name
Erwan Technology Erwan Technology Educational Organizations,O... Educational institution fou... 50 Dalian Shi People's Republic of China
Playnitride Playnitride,PlayNitride Inc... Manufacturing Companies,Sem... Manufacturing company found... 500 Miaoli Taiwan
Huohua Siwei Huohua Siwei,Beijing Xingen... Jian Luo Educational Organizations,O... Educational institution fou... 20 Beijing People's Republic of China
Faire Faire,FAIRE WHOLESALE INC,F... Max Rhodes Daniele Perito,Marcelo Cort... Manufacturing Companies,Ret... Manufacturing company found... Kirsten Green 500 San Francisco United States of America
StockX StockX,Stock X,Stock-X,STOC... Scott Cutler Cory Tincher,Chris Kaufman,... Clothing Companies,Retailer... Online marketplace and clot... Hans Tung,Scott Cutler,Josh... 1000 Detroit United States of America
Waterdrop Waterdrop,Beijing Water Dro... 鹏 沈 Shen Peng Financial Services Companie... Financial services company ... 100 Beijing People's Republic of China

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type:Organization investments.series:"Series D" not(investments.series:or("Series E", "Equity")) revSortBy:foundingDate
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