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Our AI-enabled 'lookalike' organizations for sentext solutions chosen from among the 100M's of orgs in the Knowledge Graph

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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value similarity_score
Ivisionmobile, Inc. Software Companies,CRM Soft... Corporation founded in 2007 10 390000 0.95398916819715
Sentext Solutions Media And Information Compa... 50 244330.296875 0.9474869856709235
SenText Solutions: Mobile M... Software Companies 100 621399 0.9452625388199893
Mogreet Media And Information Compa... Corporation founded in 2006 50 1424779.5 0.9342806175739301
Trumpia Professional Service Compan... Corporation founded in 2006 200 4818462.5 0.9163490790284254

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