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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value subsidiaries_name stock_exchange similarity_score
BRIDGELINE DIGITAL, INC. Ari Kahn Software Companies,CRM Soft... Corporation founded in 2000 500 16290001.0 Purple Monkey Studios Inc.,... NASDAQ 0.9678017460975907
Apttus Noel Goggin Software Companies,CRM Soft... Corporation founded in 2006 5000 240980000.0 Conga 0.949825067625945
Unica Computer Hardware Companies... Corporation founded in 1992 20000 Pivotal Veracity,MakeMeTop,... NASDAQ 0.9459187952837549
UPLAND SOFTWARE, INC. Jack McDonald Software Companies,Cloud Co... Corporation founded in 2010 5000 222636992.0 PowerSteering Software,Adva... NASDAQ 0.9400456951889163
VEEVA SYSTEMS INC Peter Gassner Medical Organizations,Softw... Cloud computing company 5000 1104081024.0 ZINC AHEAD Ltd,Physicians W... New York Stock Exchange 0.9398064296857933

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