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Our AI-enabled 'lookalike' organizations for lululemon chosen from among the 100M's of orgs in the Knowledge Graph

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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value stock_exchange subsidiaries_name similarity_score
American Eagle Outfitters Jay Schottenstein Clothing Companies,Underwea... Retailer based in the Unite... 37000 3795549184.0 NYSE American Eagle Outfitters C... 0.7701223833064749
ice cream athletics inc. Clothing Companies Canadian clothing company f... 10 974645.875 0.6679046145172024
Villa Inc Clothing Companies,Shoe Bra... Manufacturing company based... 10 424360.40625 0.6338256917130943
TLF Apparel Chris Ferguson Clothing Companies,Shoe Bra... American sports clothing an... 50 1085729.875 0.6253290320835834
Mountain Khakis Clothing Companies,Shoe Bra... Manufacturing company found... 100 4887189.5 0.6238809536748503

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