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Our AI-enabled 'lookalike' organizations for gamestop chosen from among the 100M's of orgs in the Knowledge Graph

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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value stock_exchange similarity_score
EB Games Australia Entertainment Companies,Ret... Video game retailer headqua... 5000 152805360.0 0.9684072838561933
Zing Pop Culture Retailers,Food Retailers,Su... Corporation founded in 2014 50 4703388.5 0.9317656277689658
SNK Zhihui Ge Manufacturing Companies,Toy... Japanese video game company 200 49470000.0 KOSDAQ 0.7032236288490656
Gametraders Retailers,Toy And Video Gam... Australian entertainment re... 100 10301202.0 0.6725104003579999
GameStop Retailers,Toy And Video Gam... 50 342851.1875 0.6632621072821107

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