Doordash Competitors

Competitive Intel Organizations

Our AI-enabled 'lookalike' organizations for doordash chosen from among the 100M's of orgs in the Knowledge Graph

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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value subsidiaries_name stock_exchange similarity_score
GRUBHUB INC. Matt Maloney Hospitality Companies,Cafes... On-demand restaurant food d... 5000 1312151040.0 Seamless,Bask Labs, Inc.,De... New York Stock Exchange 0.9894527758755459
Instacart Apoorva Mehta Personal Service Companies,... An Internet-based grocery d... 10000 178608944.0 Wedding Party,MightySignal,... 0.9876265336172874
OpenTable, Inc. Debby Soo Hospitality Companies,Cafes... American internet company o... 5000 190050000.0 OpenTable Mexico S. de R.L.... NASDAQ 0.9752365661219896
LENDINGCLUB CORP Scott Sanborn Financial Services Companie... Financial services company ... 5000 758606976.0 Springstone Financial LLC,R... New York Stock Exchange 0.9678756171635254
Lyft Logan Green Transport Companies,Public ... American transportation net... 4675 3615960064.0 Motivate International Inc,... NASDAQ 0.9627726133368776

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