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name homepageUri ceo_name industries summary nbEmployeesMax revenue_value subsidiaries_name stock_exchange similarity_score
Westport David M. Johnson Motor Vehicle Manufacturers... Canadian motor vehicle manu... 5000 247060000.0 NASDAQ 0.9738458937505888
AMERICAN POWER GROUP CORP Chuck Coppa Energy Companies,Renewable ... Energy company founded in 1992 50 1860000 OTC MARKETS GROUP 0.9554509266706159
Penske Power Systems Pty Ltd Robert Sisk Professional Service Compan... Corporation founded in 2000 1000 104115152.0 0.9427750868527207
REAGAN EQUIPMENT CO INC Manufacturing Companies,Hom... Manufacturing company based... 200 20404590.0 0.9391661874659304
Cummins Southern Plains Llc Retailers,Automotive Part R... Corporation founded in 1919 500 40039016.0 0.9368968242861487

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