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Reads Websites like Humans

As a human, you're probably pretty good at telling a product page from a news article, or getting an idea of what a title says about the website you're reading.

What if you need to do that 10,000 times a minute? You could hire a lot more humans, or you could let Diffbot read it for you.

How it Works

Unlike traditional web scraping tools, Diffbot doesn't require any rules to read the content on a page.

It starts with computer vision, which classifies a page into one of 20 possible types. Content is then interpreted by a machine learning model trained to identify the key attributes on a page based on its type.

The result is a website transformed into clean structured data (like JSON or CSV), ready for your application.

I'd Like a Demo

 # Python + Diffbot Extract 
import requests

url = 'https://api.diffbot.com/v3/analyze?token=TOKEN&url=URL'

response = requests.request('GET', url)


Effortless API Access

Our REST API schema is so simple and familiar, this is all you need to get started 👉.

Need to tweak more advanced settings? We've got those too.

Speaks Any Language

Thanks to its basis in computer vision, Diffbot Extract works with any human language.

Crawl + Extract = 🚀

Pair Extract with Crawl to automatically generate a database of all the products on a website, or all the articles of a news site.

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