Product API

The Product API extracts complete data from any shopping or e-commerce product page. Retrieve full pricing information, product IDs (SKU, UPC, MPN), images, product specifications, brand and more.

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Fully Automatic

Like all of our Automatic APIs, the Product API needs no rules or training. Send it any product page and let Diffbot do the rest.

Complete Pricing Data

Retrieve all price data available: original price, sale/offer price, shipping cost and discount amount. If a product comes in price ranges or with quantity-based discounts, the Product API can return that too.

Normalized Specs

The Product API automatically identifies and extracts any specifications tables (or table-like elements).

Review Extraction

Diffbot's Discussion API technology is built-in to the Product API to automatically extract reviews from most product pages.

Country-Specific Pricing

Subscribers to our Plus or Professional plans can optionally upgrade for access to region- or country-specific proxy IP addresses.

Crawl 'Em All

Pair the Product API with Crawlbot to automatically identify and extract all products across an entire shopping site.