Analyze API

What's behind that URL? The Analyze API automatically determines the "page type" of unknown URLs, and returns complete structured data for supported page types (articles, products, images, discussions or videos).

When paired with Crawlbot, Analyze detects products, articles or other pages on the fly—so you can crawl and extract entire sites without a single manual rule.

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Test Drive the Analyze API
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"Looks" Like a Human

Analyze evaluates web pages like a human being does: by looking at it in a regular web browser. Just as you can tell a shopping page from a news article, so can Diffbot.

One-Click Crawling

Use the Analyze API when crawling and all you need is a seed URL. Then let Diffbot find all of the products—or articles, or discussion threads, or videos or images—across the entire site.

Routes to All Automatic APIs

When the Analyze API identifies a matching page-type, it automatically extracts page data using the appropriate extraction API—no extra API call necessary!