Diffbot's products support our mission to structure the world's knowledge. From web-wide crawls, to data extraction APIs, the ability to understand natural language documents, and the world's largest Knowledge Graph, we turn the unstructured web into structured data.

The Knowledge Graph

Query the web for rich connected entities. 50x more articles than Google News Index. Unrivalled longtail person and organization data.

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Our web spidering tool can crawl 50 or 50k urls. Apply extraction APIs to unlimited pages.

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Extraction APIs

Extract structured data from any URL. Our rule-less extraction APIs use machine vision to determine relavent details to return from nearly any page online.

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Natural Language API

Create your own knowledge graphs from natural language. Our best-in-class tool pulls structured entities, relationships, and sentiment from unstructured text.

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Enrich person or organization data from the world's largest Knowledge Graph. Pull details sourced from across the web via AI into your knowledge workflows.

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Employ a visual query editor, data enrichment, and powerful lead enrichment (person or org) from within Excel.

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Google Sheets

Craft custom Diffbot Query Language queries and pull the entirity of the Knowledge Graph into your spreadsheet.

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Enrich person or organization data on triggers of your choice via Zapier.

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Pull web-wide data into a beautiful dashboard or visualization.

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