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Extract product data from e-comm sites. On demand. Without rules.

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automating a product catalog


Build a Complete Product Catalog

Crawl each category of an ecommerce site for product inventory to ensure price parity with competition or track availability of rare SKUs.

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The Product Ontology

Know every field you're getting with each record accessed from the Diffbot Knowledge Graph.

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Included With All Diffbot Data

Quality of life touches, compliments of the chef.


Developer Friendly APIs

Every Diffbot product is built API-first and RESTful, making integration easy and painless regardless of platform or language.


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Only pay for production data. Experiment with Diffbot data and products to your heart's content with a generous free plan.


Insanely Scaleable

Export multiple millions of records on demand, as fast as your internet speed allows (we do it quite often ourselves!).



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