case study

How ProQuo AI Predicts Better Leads with Diffbot

Learn how Stephanie, data scientist at ProQuo AI, leverages Diffbot's easy to use Knowledge Graph to access over 200M organizations for predictive business development.

Diffbot's coverage of both large and small companies was kindof unmatched.

- Stephanie Polkinghorne, Data Scientist, ProQuo AI

ProQuo AI

About ProQuo AI

ProQuo AI is a brand management platform for marketers, designed to help them grow their brand and make decisions with more certainty.

The Problem

ProQuo AI leverages predictive modeling to qualify leads for their sales team. This practice allows ProQuo AI to increase their booking and close rates by focusing on leads that will be most likely to convert.

To build these predictive models, Stephanie required hundreds of thousands of firmographic data on “challenger brands”, smaller companies that tend to fly under the radar of your average company data vendor.

The Solution

Stephanie faced a small dilemma. She could crawl, scrape, and clean data from thousands of websites, or leverage Diffbot’s Knowledge Graph of over 250M pre-extracted organizations.

It was so quick and easy to setup the API and get going with what we wanted to do.

In just a few minutes, Stephanie was able to query the Knowledge Graph API for just the challenger brands she was looking for. Moreover, each company record included datapoints for revenue and employee size.


With Diffbot Knowledge Graph and it’s easy to use API, ProQuo AI was able to save tremendous time and energy crawling, scraping, and cleaning challenger brand firmographic data. Allowing her team to dive right into the actually productive work of lead predictive modeling.