Our mission is to enable intelligent systems by building the first comprehensive and updated map of human knowledge.

Our approach to this is to create an autonomous system that can read and understand all of the documents on the public web, convert these to structured entities, and make this accessible as a service to others.

We offer a variety of tools that allow you to run our automated extraction on an individual webpage, an entire site, or search across the whole web.


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Working at Diffbot

We will have to create new technology and approaches in order to solve the problem of building the world's first complete map of human knowledge.

Our Research team is developing new techniques that advance the state-of-the-art in information extraction accuracy, whether it is from document analysis, natural language, or computer vision.

Our Engineering team is optimizing the performance of the system to handle the unique scale that comes from an AI-synthesized database that can grow to trillions and quadrillions of records.

Our customer facing team is educating our customers about this new technology and helping integrate the Knowledge Graph into their production workflows.

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