Knowledge as a Service

Diffbot's mission is to accelerate the advent of intelligent systems by building the first autonomous system capable of synthesizing human knowledge. We crawl the entire public web and operate the world's largest automated Knowledge Graph.

Our Values

We believe that democratizing access to a common knowledge base of facts will lead to more intelligent and trustworthy systems. We embrace growth, empowerment, empathy, original thinking, and aren't afraid to tackle big challenges.

State-of-the-Art Research

Our applied research team consists of the foremost experts in areas such as: structured document extraction, entity linking, relation extraction, coreference resolution, knowledge inference, knowledge fusion, and information retrieval.

Web-Scale Engineering

Diffbot runs its own crawl of the entire public web, independent from Google and Bing, on our own custom-assembled hardware, out of our own datacenter in California. We're one of the few places you can work on web-scale machine learning, distributed systems, and search engines in a fast-moving startup environment.

Diffbot In The News

This know-it-all AI learns by reading the entire web nonstop

Sept 4, 2020

Diffbot is building the biggest-ever knowledge graph by applying image recognition and natural-language processing to billions of web pages...

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AI bringing truth to data journalism

Sept 10, 2019

Wouldn't it be fabulous to know for sure that an article you read online is authentic and contains trusted sources? If everyone used AI to fact check, fake news and data could be eliminated permanently from online news sites...

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This startup is Getting In On Google's Game By Searching A Trillion Facts

May 13, 2019

Cisco wanted to provide users of its conferencing system profiles on everyone who signed on to a call—say, where they used to work or if they turned up in a news article. It’s using a Mountain View, California, startup called Diffbot to make that happen...

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Mike Tung, CEO

What do our employees say?


"Diffbot, for me, is a growing groundbreaking AI tech company with a HEART -- encouraging a healthy work-life balance and caring for every employee. I'm fortunate to be a part of this dynamic and diverse team of experts that care and support each other like family while on a mission to create MAGIC!"


"A firm believer of a good work–life balance, Diffbot’s flexible schedule and open vacation policy make that possible. Seeing the dedication that everyone puts into their work makes me a proud member of this team. Working in the field of AI has been interesting, and I look forward to seeing the impact Diffbot will make in the future!"


"Working at Diffbot has been a great experience pushing the limit of NLP research with an amazing team to provide the best solution for our customers."