Artificial intelligence

for companies that revolutionize online shopping

The largest retailers in the world use Diffbot to retrieve online shopping data for competitive analysis, business intelligence and to build new consumer experiences.

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Artificial intelligence

for companies that are mobile-first

Startups have revolutionized mobile experiences by delivering only the content that users want and removing all the junk. Instapaper uses Diffbot to pull out article text, pictures, headlines and authors so a user can just click "read later" and enjoy.

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Jason Snell
October 16, 2014
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Artificial intelligence

for companies that invented Internet networking

One of Silicon Valley's greatest success stories built its business by listening closely and responding to feedback from its users. They now use Diffbot to automatically monitor comments and forum posts to better understand their customers and react in real-time.

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Artificial intelligence

for web data you can bank on

After five years, thousands of customers and billions of web pages, we're only just getting started. Diffbot is proud to announce new funding to support accelerated efforts in structuring the web's information.

Diffbot Raises $10M Series A to Become Leading Arms Dealer in Coming AI Wars
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February 11, 2016

Nothing Personal.

It's just that Diffbot's computer brain can do some things better.


Diffbot's computer vision and machine learning services structure Web data with better-than-human-level accuracy across any website or language.


People miss things; Diffbot doesn't. Our Automatic APIs retrieve every possible piece of data from a web page. Crawlbot automatically finds every important page on any site.


Integrate Diffbot in man-minutes; fire it up and save yourself man-years. Let our team focus on getting you great data, and your team focus on using it.

Meet structured web data.

Diffbot integrates in minutes and starts returning data in seconds.

Crawl entire sites automatically

Just give it a domain: Crawlbot will spider and extract complete data from the entire site.
See how Crawlbot can help »

Extract anything, anywhere

Manually extract any data from any site with the API Creator.
Find out more about Custom APIs »

Automatic page classification

The Analyze API uses computer vision to automatically identify articles, products, and other known pages.
Test drive the Analyze API »

Individual web page extraction

Diffbot's individual APIs automatically extract structured data from messy web pages.

Diffbot Press What the Press is Saying

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Unlike other artificial intelligence deep learning projects that rely on humans to classify web pages, Diffbot uses only the proprietary algorithms that it created itself and has refined over the years.

— Jonathan Shieber
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Any large consumer products company that wants to gauge interest, comments, or complaints about its products might take a look at Diffbot because it does more than search what people are saying on their Twitter and Facebook feeds. It looks ... basically everywhere on the web.

— Barb Darrow
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Diffbot is teaching computers to read the web and understand it just like humans do - in other words, look at this page and say ... this picture is of Mark Zuckerberg so it must relate to a story about Facebook. It doesn't sound hard - but this simple task has proved a big challenge for AI researchers.

— Rory Cellan-Jones

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