Product API: Normalized Specs

The normalizedSpecs field returns a product's automatically standardized/sanitized specifications, if a specs table and/or similar elements are detected on a page. Numeric values for many specifications are normalized into a standard units.

Data Returned

Each key will return an array of values. Single-value specifications will contain a single-element array. For each value, the following possible fields will be returned:

A sanitized version of the text string.
Normalized output unit, if applicable, per below table.
Normalized output value, if applicable, according to the unit.

Example Response

"normalizedSpecs_beta": {
  "color": [
      "unit": "rgbHex",
      "cleanLiteral": "Fluorescent Pink",
      "value": "FF1493"
      "unit": "rgbHex",
      "cleanLiteral": "Soft White",
      "value": "E0E4DF"
      "unit": "rgbHex",
      "cleanLiteral": "Diffbot Blue",
      "value": "112532"
  "dataCapacity": [
      "unit": "KILOBYTE",
      "cleanLiteral": "1.0 TB",
      "value": 1073741824
  "minOperatingTemperature": [
      "unit": "CELSIUS",
      "cleanLiteral": "32.0 F",
      "value": -0.00000799999999756551
  "shippingDepth": [
      "unit": "METER",
      "cleanLiteral": "5.6 in",
      "value": 0.1422
  "shippingWeight": [
      "unit": "KILOGRAM",
      "cleanLiteral": "0.3 lb",
      "value": 0.1361
  ] ,
  "sku": [
      "cleanLiteral": "A8237"

List of Normalized Keys

Normalized Key Type Normalized Value Unit
armLength numeric meter
audioJackDiameter numeric meter
batteryCapacity numeric coulomb
bookFormat string n/a
brand string n/a
busClockFrequency numeric hertz
bust numeric meter
dataCapacity numeric kilobyte
chest numeric meter
circumference numeric meter
clockFrequency numeric hertz
color string rgb hex value
condition string n/a
copyingSpeed numeric pageperminute
cordLength numeric meter
countryOfOrigin string n/a
dataReadSpeed numeric kilobytepersecond
dataTransmissionSpeed numeric kilobytepersecond
dataWriteSpeed numeric kilobytepersecond
depth numeric meter
diameter numeric meter
fileSize numeric kilobyte
focalLength numeric meter
fuelConsumptionCity numeric literperkilometer
fuelConsumptionCombined numeric literperkilometer
fuelConsumptionHighway numeric literperkilometer
gender string n/a
genre string n/a
gpuFrequencyClock numeric hertz
heel numeric meter
height numeric meter
hips numeric meter
impedance numeric OHM
inkColor string n/a
innerDiameter numeric meter
inputVoltage numeric volt
inseam numeric meter
language string n/a
length numeric meter
lensDiameter numeric meter
lensWidth numeric meter
material string n/a
maxFocalLength numeric meter
maxFrequencyResponse numeric hertz
maxWeight numeric kilogram
maxWeightCapacity numeric kilogram
maxOperatingTemperature numeric celsius
maxStorageTemperature numeric celsius
memoryClockFrequency numeric hertz
mileage numeric meter
minFocalLength numeric meter
minFrequencyResponse numeric hertz
minWeight numeric kilogram
minWeightCapacity numeric kilogram
minOperatingTemperature numeric celsius
minStorageTemperature numeric celsius
mpn string n/a
neck numeric meter
operating_temperature numeric celsius
opticalWaveLength numeric meter
outerDiameter numeric meter
outputVoltage numeric volt
power numeric watt
powerConsumption numeric watt
powerConsumptionIdle numeric watt
powerDeveloped numeric watt
powerRMS numeric watt
printSpeedBlack numeric pageperminute
printSpeedColor numeric pageperminute
printSpeedCombined numeric pageperminute
processorCache numeric kilobyte
processorClockFrequency numeric hertz
publisher string n/a
ramSize numeric kilobyte
refreshRate numeric hertz
resolutionX numeric n/a
resolutionY numeric n/a
screenDiagonal numeric meter
shippingDepth numeric meter
shippingHeight numeric meter
shippingLength numeric meter
shippingWeight numeric kilogram
shippingWidth numeric meter
shoulders numeric meter
sku string n/a
sleeveLength numeric meter
style string n/a
subtitlesLanguage string n/a
supportedRamSize numeric kilobyte
thermalDesignPower numeric watt
waist numeric meter
warrantyDuration numeric second
waterResistance numeric meter
weight numeric kilogram
weightCapacity numeric kilogram
wheelDiameter numeric meter
width numeric meter